Apeggio Software SFTP, Web Services, SMS, Two Factor Authenticaton, IBM i                    Security and Cloud Integration Software for the IBM i                                                                      


I am a subscriber to Arpeggio Software products and want to download the latest releases.  Where do I go to download the software?

There are 2 places to download if you are a customer with a trial or on support.   After you log in there is a module named MY DOWNLOADS that will display on the right hand side of every page that shows you every product file you are able to download.   Also, after you log in there is a customer menu that will display on the top right of every page.  If you go into the option My Active Orders you will be able to access downloads you have subscribed to.


I just subscribed to a product but my download is not in My Active Orders.  Where is it?

The website has keeps track of your subscriptions and displays them based on the time you log in.  If you add a subscription, log out and log in again and it will display.


What version of OS will the software work on?

Most products will operate on OS versions as far back as V5R3.


If I get a free version of a software product, are there any restrictions?

The restrictions are listed in the license agreement that you click to accept in the download section of this website.   ARP-ZIP and ARP-MAIL have no restrictions and can be run on unlimited machines and LPARs.   Once you exceed any restrictions on a free license a subscription to support and maintenance is required.


I plan on upgrading my IBM i.   Will I need to pay a fee to continue using my software?

If you are active on a support and maintenance subscription you won't incur any fees for transferring your subscription to an upgraded box.  If you are running the free license of a product you will need to buy a subscription to receive a new key to operate the software on the new upgraded box.