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Arpeggio Software Products


Arpeggio Software offers a suite of products for the IBM i designed to securely integrate clouds services in the enterprise while protecting your legacy systems.  Arpeggio has taken a modular approach to architecting its products where each product can work by itself or can be used in conjunction with other Arpeggio products provding a comprehensive solution to your needs.


The product types are broken into 2 categories.   The first category is Secure Cloud Connectors.   The Secure Cloud Connector products provide integration of various cloud based services with your legacy IBM i applications.  Our suite of Secure Cloud Connectors includes:



ARP-DROP        Secure File Sharing and Distribution via Dropbox 
ARP-SMS    Bi-directional SMS Messaging through Twilio 
ARP-SAVE    Encrypted Data Backups to cloud services 



The second category of product are Security Tools.   The Security Tools provide solutions for Secure File Transfer and methods for protecting your IBM i.   Our suite of Security Tools includes:




ARP-SFTP        Scripting of Secure File Transfers via SFTP and FTPS 
SIFT-IT    Real-time Monitoring of Events and Threats with Syslog Integration 
ARP-AUTH    Two Factor Authentication via Smartphones 





There are FREE TRIALS of all of our products available for downloading from our website.




About Arpeggio Software


Arpeggio Software is a leading provider of secure cloud connnectors and security tools for the IBM i (and its predecessors AS/400, iseries, i5 and System i).


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